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Federal Tax Liens can really make your life miserable! When you owe back taxes to the IRS, they can establish a lien against all of your assets (especially real estate). The lien gives the IRS the legal right to collect taxes from the sale of your assets, which includes just about everything you own.

The lien can be against you, your spouse, or your company. A lien against your company would seize your accounts receivables, including taking the cash


from your cash register! At this point everything you own is just one short step away from becoming the property of the United States Government...unless you act now! Liens filed against you by the IRS also show up on your credit report and often prevent you from opening a checking account or borrowing from your home equity or even automobile. The banks simply don't want to do the extra work when they see a lien from the IRS against you. By working with us, we can help you navigate the large amount of paperwork required to reduce or even eliminate the back taxes and tax liens against you. Don't wait, every day that you procrastinate, is a day closer to the IRS taking additional action against you, your bank accounts, your house or any other asset!

Problems we solve:                                                                         

  • Payroll Tax Issue

  • Back Taxes

  • IRS Liens

  • IRS Levies

  • Wage Garnishments

  • Property Seizures

  • Unfiled Tax Returns

Solutions we offer:

  • Installment Agreements

  • Offer in Compromise

  • Penalty Abatement

  • Innocent Spouse

  • Tax Debt Settlement

Get a Free Consultation on how to resolve your tax lien problems by clicking on contact us. We will call you within 24 hours to discuss your case. Or give us a call at (404)228-2653 

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